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November 07, 2004



And we podcasters love you too. . .

Ray Moore

I can understand your point, up to a degree. But here are the points where I disagree.

Who has time for audio blogs. You would be surprised. For me personally, I have an hour and half driver each way to work, and over the years all radio even public radio like NPR has gone down hill to the point of being intolerable. The music and talk radio is repetive and boring as hell. And as for the public radio, it was never high on my favorite list to begin with.

As for resisting the temptation of podcasting, I failed. It began insideously. The slick and polished Daily Source Code drew me in. But very soon the arrogance of Adam was finger nails on the black board. Then came Catfish, Mr. X and Just Julie, Jawbone, Dragonpage and Geek Fu. And I was hooked. To say that that we podcasters are nuts need some degree of quantification. There is a certain mental quirkiness involved and I put myself into that category also. But I have a question.
Suppose television was brand new and because of some personal issues the entire endeavor was forsaken because of it's earliest shows?
Silly isn't it?

Podcasting is still in its earliest days of infancy. Yes, there is tons of crap, but few of those shows will survive, and the hopefully the better ones will survive.

Long Live Podcasting!

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